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We’re carefully and silently developing amazing technology throughout our spinnoffs:

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Advanced Data Compression solutions. Our Quasi-Solid Data Compression engine is featured in the Jurix application.



Industrial Grade Software Update Solutions, developed in colaboration with the exceptional people from agersoftware s.r.l.
The technology is featured in the SecureDELTA Suite of products, marketed exclusively by agersoftware.com

Soon to be released:

We are currently developing a brand new Differential Compression Engine, soon to come. The engine will be featured in the Advanced SecureDELTA product, marketed by our partners from agersoftware.com
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WebDesign & GUI Programming | All design and UI programming done by our spinoff .Xtreme.UI. UI development plans start from $10/h

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If you have a project in Data Compression, Software Update, UI Development or WebDesign, let us know. We'll make sure you receive the best offer available and pixel-perfect results.

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Industrial Grade
Data Compression Solutions

Professional Data Compression services. Out latest project delivered the Data Compression Elements for SecureDELTA™ application, the binary diff application sold exclusively by agersoftware.

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Industrial Grade
Softeare Update Solutions

Faster and Better than any competitor delta binary software! Prices extremely affordable! Test us out, download our trial software or visit our store. XtremeDELTA™ is sold exclusively with SecureUPDATE™ family of products, developed by agersoftware srl here.

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Professional GUI & Programming Services

Professional C/C++ development and GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) development for Win32/Win64 applications from $10/h.
We also provide professional website development from $120/site. It includes domain name registration and storage.

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